Villa Marta Hotel Renovation: Now Up And Running!

Our favorite holiday get away have just gotten renovated! Villa Marta Hotels have added several rooms and amenities to enhance your visit and to give you a much more enjoyable and comfortable time during your vacations. We all know that Villa Marta Hotel boasts nothing less of wonderful aesthetics paired with magnificent views and top of the line services. Just this year, we have been working on a few additions to the hotel, making it more comfortable, luxurious and enjoyable for you and your loved ones.

Our hotel lobby has just gotten bigger! We have renovated our front desk designed to serve you better in a more elegant atmosphere. Our hotel carpet that we got from Blue Ridge Carpet resonates nothing less than luxury and undeniable comfort. Over to the side of our lobby is a view of the ocean from the hotel’s main balcony. Here, you can have your morning coffee paired with a good book as you enjoy the fresh breeze or you can opt to spend dinner with your loved one with champagne and out hotel’s exceptional dishes.

Also, we have added several rooms to accommodate more guests. We have added a presidential suite that has a king-sized bed, a furnace, a balcony with a wonderful view of the ocean, a Jacuzzi, and a lot more facilities. You don’t need to search any further for the perfect getaway because our newly added rooms are nothing less than exceptional in terms of function and design aesthetics.

In addition to the changes for Villa Marta Hotel is the café and restaurant. We have extended our kitchen and seating capacity in order to accommodate more people especially during big events and conventions. Our seating capacity has now reached up to 400-500 people. We have also added a stage for performances, seminars, etc. Along with this addition is a sounds system, an LCD projector, and stage lights. This can add flavor to your momentous events such as weddings, corporate cocktails, company meetings and a lot more.

Villa Marta Hotel is now better than ever, so don’t be the last to experience our new hotel features and amenities. You are sure to enjoy our new additions and improved hotel services. Of course, we have still retained the essence of being in the side of the ocean so rest assured the Villa Marta Hotel experience has not changed but enhanced. See you on your next visit!

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