Spend your honeymoon on the beaches of Phuket

What better to way to match those elegant sheath wedding dress than to spend a romantic honeymoon with your loved one while in your favorite beach bikini!

Spending your first romantic getaway as husband and wife in Phuket would be a great option. The island radiates intimacy and has many places perfect for newlyweds, including world-renowned dining places with magnificent views of ocean at sunset. You also have an option to go on a romantic cruise off Phuket. Either way, you are sure to have a remarkable honeymoon.

When it comes to beachside dining, Phuket is the place to be. With a rather long coastline, you can explore the wonderful views such as the sunset, bays, and coves. Grab a cocktail with your loved one while enjoying the dreamy viewpoints of the island. Dine along the shoreline with the spectacular sunset as your backdrop.

Go on an adventure during the day to enhance the getaway experience. Take a time off the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy island hopping with your husband/wife. Experience the crystal clear waters of Phuket while being in the midst of the picturesque hilltops.

End the day by going on a night cruise and bask under the stars across the Andaman Sea. Grab a glass of wine and share it under the comfort of the romantic skies while you sail across the moonlit waters of Phuket. Enhance the romance by succumbing to this one-of-a-kind experience.

Share the evening with your spouse at Phuket’s spas just before you fade into the night for no Phuket experience is complete without it.

There are a lot of tour packages online that you can look up and customize that can suit you best as husband and wife. In any case, Phuket is always a good pick when it comes to honeymoon destinations.

Adventure, romance and relaxation – these are the perfect ingredients for the beginning of a wonderful happy-ever-after.

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