What You Must See if You Travel to Egypt

One of the top things that you should always put in your checklist when traveling to different places is the tourist spots. Being able to get a glimpse of what these places have to offer is a wonderful experience that makes you richer. It lets you understand more about the place and the people dwelling in it. Therefore, if you plans of including Egypt in your tour next year, be sure to include these places in your checklist:

Pyramids of Giza – What’s an Egyptian tour when you cannot get a glimpse on one of the most popular man-made architectures in the world? It is several hundred years old and it is one of the main reasons why people flock Egypt until today. These pyramids are not just architectural sightings as these are also tombs of the previous rulers of Egypt. Each pyramid has a sphinx, which is also dubbed to be “father of terror” and has sent millions people amazed of its presence and features.

Abu Simbel – Another infamous monument built during ancient Egypt, Abu Simbel was built for Pharaoh Rameses II. Does the name ring any bell? Yes, he was there when the legendary Moses was the prince, too. Amazingly, the original structure was manually raised 60 meters above a cliff to be in line with the sun. One of the most interesting features of Abu Simbel is the Abu Simbel Festival, which showcase the majestic output when natural sunlight and architectural equilibrium put off quite a show as it illuminates up the inner chambers. During the festival, shows and food are gathered, but the celebration is nothing compared to the natural illumination and the brilliance of man.

Egypt Unwrapped, Secrets of the Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings – Egyptians are pretty fond of afterlife, so they make sure that their kings were buried with grace and dignity, which explains the numerous architectural tombs in the place. In the Valley of the Kings, which is like a land of tombs, the body of Tutankhamun is preserved here as well as other bodies of kings who died centuries ago.


Red Sea – The infamous Red Sea is home to the thousands of marine animals that range from weird to cute to weirder-looking. Hurghada, one of the most popular beaches in Red Sea, offers diving and snorkeling in its miles of blue waters that are teemed with colorful aquatic species in the likes of lionfish, Hurghada star, blue-spotted stingray, and many others.

Egypt is a cradle to thousands of civilizations and it is known for its best kept secrets that loom over the land for thousands of years. Nevertheless, it will always stay as one of the best places to travel and get to know more as its man-made architectural structures are reasons enough to be mesmerized by it.

The Best Beaches for a Caribbean Destination Wedding

Are you thinking of exchanging your vows beside the ocean with your feet firmly planted on white and soothing beach sand? If this is your idea of a wedding, then you will be best advised to park some of the best beach wedding dresses that money can buy and hit the Caribbean peninsula. The Caribbean offers some of the best beaches in the world, both private and public. Here are a few that have earned a worldwide reputation:

St. Vincent and the Grenadines


This expansive 113-acre private island resort is the dream of every bride who understands the luxury of beach weddings. The turquoise and sapphire color of the water is as alluring as the white sand that covers the two miles strip of the beach. Being private, the resort means that the beach will almost be empty especially if you have booked a reservation for the day of your wedding.

Dawn Beach, St Maarten


Have you shopped for mother of the bride dresses? Weddings are held as much for the wedding couple as well as for the friends, relatives and the in-laws. Make your day stand out to those who matter by holding your beach wedding at the Dawn Beach in the Caribbean. As the name suggests, Dawn Beach offers the most spectacular morning views as the sun rises in all its glorious hues. It is located some distance from the major resorts that are bound to be crowded and thus offers an exclusive bliss. Do remember to shop dresses and other accessories before you come to the beach, since it will be very hard to find these items around the island. You can now shop all bridal dresses with the green guide online, and more!

Laluna, Grenada


While the Dawn Beach offers the most alluring sight of the sun rising over the ocean, Grenada faces to the west and offers the most romantic views of the Caribbean sunset. If you are lucky, you will get an exclusive shot of the green flash as the sun dips down the horizon. Evening weddings at the Grenada are the norm. The resort has a pool area where you will definitely love to watch the evening fade away after you have exchanged the vows and removed your wedding dresses. There is also a bar that offers excellent cocktails for those who would rather pass the evening in the bar.

Mosquito Bay, Vieques

The Mosquito Bay is where you go for a night cruise when everyone has come out of their official wedding attire. This is a small island that is close to the coast of Puerto Rico. The cruise at night is unforgettable as the ocean becomes illuminated by thousands of bioluminescent species that leave a very romantic phosphorescent trail of light in the night.

Apart from the beautiful Caribbean beaches which are as innumerable and can’t be exhausted in one single post, the Caribbean also has some of the very best bars and food outlets in the world. One of the top bars is the Soggy Dollar Bar which is strategically located along the British Virgin Islands. It is the place to flaunt your beautiful wedding gown as you savor some of the best tropical drinks that the Caribbean has to offer. You may also want to check the Pelican bar in Jamaica and the Fish Pot in Barbados.

A Surprising Vacation in Vietnam


What a lovely and attractive country Vietnam can surely be! One of the tidiest journeys that anyone can design would include a holiday in Vietnam. Surely, we all have customs around the trips and this possibly will not be in the front position of your attention but such is a chance to discover another country and its magnificent culture. One of the finest methods to do such is by means of a river trip across the Mekong Delta.

As you float past landscape such as the Cai Be drifting market, you can really recognize the value of the way of life and daily customs of the indigenous Vietnamese people. There is a horde of fresh crops and vegetables in the said location, transported on a regular basis from native rice paddies and farm lands that an individual can see in the expanse of the market. At the same time as a person carries on all the way through the journey, there are a number of other farmhouses and plantations that bid more chances to sample the produces and labor of this recently developing nation. The harbours are very picturesque and natural in terms of the scenery and setting as well as viewing the local persons in their everyday situation. And, perhaps you may have considered a Vietnam holiday was not like all of these?

Anyone can jaunt in a junk boat or additional watercraft to witness the numerous various places that this nation can brag of to the citizens and travelers within. Moreover, wandering from place to place in Halong Bay and taking the chance to take in some seaside scenery and/or native cuisine is likewise an outing anyone would not desire to miss. A Vietnam trip can help to bolster the thoughts and principles of one’s individual culture in the thoughts as well as to acquire to experience and recognize the value of the culture and customs of other countries. This expansion of horizons can take place in a lovely setting at an economical price, particularly in Vietnam.